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Power Union for Passenger Charter Bus Safety Program

All our buses are fitted with appropriate seat belts, which would be fitted for all the passengers and through conduct of regular physical checks on our buses to ensure that all seat belts are in proper working conditions. The bus drivers are professionally trained on the use of their best endeavor to administer First Aid should any such situation demand so. Additionally, all the buses are already fitted with compliant Fire extinguishers. The buses will be maintained in a fully serviced running condition. Regular inspections would be conducted to ensure the optimum condition of the tyres and engine performance. The interiors and exteriors would be kept clean at all times. A daily wash cycle of the buses would be ensured.

Driver Standards

It will be ensured by the company that the appointed drivers to carry out the pick and drop operations of Customers in company uniform and posses excellent communication skills in English & Arabic. All drivers would have a legal right to live and work in the United Arab Emirates and hold a valid UAE driving license. Drivers will be under strict instructions not to smoke inside the Vehicles at any time. Drivers will comply with all regulations and all applicable UAE rules & regulations set up by the Roads & Traffic Authority concerning road transport. In the event of a problem occurring, drivers will provide every assistance to resolve the problem to the best of their ability to ensure minimum staff dissatisfaction.

Company’s Representations

We would represent and warrant that we have the necessary vehicles, equipment, facilities, skilled staff and experience for the proper, safe and efficient performance of the services. We guarantee that the vehicles used in the performance of services shall be maintained in a safe, clean and comfortable condition for the proper execution of the required services.

Insurance coverage

We shall take out and maintain with a reputable insurer throughout the term of the contract (upon award) a Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance policy for all the vehicles used under the contract, including third party liability for a limit of not less than One Million UAE Dirham per any one occurrence for property damage and unlimited in respect to injury, death or permanent disability caused by bodily injury subject to the Court’s decision.

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